Cindi Ford: Recount


Artist Statement

My desire to bring awareness to personal, psychological and social issues within intimate and community settings serves as both theme and underlying catalyst of my work. Life experiences and books become theinfluence driving the images I create. Imagination, playfulness and satire threads through my work, which represents a combination of personal stories created to evoke social commentary.

Printmaking has involved into my passion because of the attraction I have to the many and varied methods of print media. I enjoy mixingdifferent processes creating tension and awkwardness. The ability to create multiples also is an important element to my creative process. I create many cutouts, which can be played with until they find their home.Working intuitively gives me the freedom to be engaged in the continual creative process. Some of my work grows in installations transforming the environment.

This current body of work deals with my childhood. After reconnecting with my childhood friend, Jill Blanding, who was sending me stories of our childhood, this series of prints evolved. The writing in this work I give credit to Jill.

Growing up in the mid 50’s and 60’s in a small town was such a different experience than our present culture. I felt there was more freedom to be child, yet being a woman and mother was a paradoxical reality. 

My intention is to draw the viewer back in time and contemplate a pastreality. Mixing processes, themes through the filter of my imagination I also intend to provoke personal, social and psychological commentary.  

Cindi Ford